Decoration Ideas

You have the stuccoed wall. No problem, buy a metraquilato panel color you want, paste the vinyl and put the panel on the wall blocking the coating. You can also use a sheet of glass, a wooden board or aluminum, you can paint the bottom or build it and then place the vinyl ... There are many materials that allow vinylizer our environment.

I need a picture! Instead of decorating a wall, make a whole wall is a painting. Remove the posters.

What if my fridge decorum? Remove the magnets and give a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You\'ll see how placing any reason, the bar becomes a decorative element that does not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.

My bathroom needs a change. Close your eyes and visualize the bathroom, imagine: you can decorate the tiles, toilets, bathroom furniture, mirror .... It\'s about awakening the senses and imagination.

My receiver needs a change. Give him another image by placing a record on the wall or in the mirror and see how it is not the same. When you open the door will not go unnoticed.

I have a picture and I love vinyl. Why not? Upload your photo or your decorative motif and offers a solution with an appropriate budget for your idea.

I have a very ugly pot with a plant that never blooms. Then why not decorate the pot? The plant will thank you.

I have a crystal vase and I did not say anything. Give life. Put some circles, some tribal details, a floral ... Imagine changing any of the decorative elements around you.
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